2020 Videos

Case 1 Cystic lesion in the tail of the pancreas: Diagnostic EUS

Case 2 Pancreatic mass with dilatation of the CBD: EUS+FNB and biliary drainage

Case 3 Esophageal diverticulum (pseudo Zenker): Endoscopic treatment

Case 4 Ampullary tumor: Endoscopic ampullectomy

Case 5 Cystic lesion: Diagnostic EUS

Case 6 Large gastric polyp: Endoscopic resection

Case 7 BE without dysplasia: Hybrid APC

Case 8 Lesion in the body of the pancreas: Radiofrequency ablation

Case 9 Dilatation of the pancreatict duct in the tail of the pancreas: Diagnostic EUS

Case 10 Relapse of lesion with large minor papilla: Endoscopic treatment

Case 11 Rectal neuroendocrine tumor: Endoscopic resection

Case 12 Polyps of the 2nd and 3rd duodenum: Endoscopic resection

Case 13 Achalasia type II: POEM

Case 14 Acute cholecystitis: EUS guided cholecytoduodenostomy

Case 16 Gastric sub mucosal tumor: Endoscopic resection

Case 17 Intra hepatic stone in the left lobe: ERCP with spy glass and extraction of the stone

Case 18 Pancreatic lesion in the head of pancreas: EUS+SONOVUE+FNA or FNB

Case 19 Increasing cholestasis: Repermeabilization of the duodenan stent and hepaticogastrostomy

Case 20 Relapse of cyst with suspicion of mural nodule: EUS + SONOVUE +/- FNA

Case 21 CBD stone and dilation of the IHDB: ERCP

Case 22 High grade dysphasia with intraepithelial carcinoma: Endoscopic resection

Case 23 Acute pancreatitis: ERCP with biliary and pancreatic sphincterotomy

Case 24 Mediastinal mass: EUS-FNB

Case 25 Dilated CDB and suspicion of biliary stone: EUS +/- ERCP

Lecture 1 Radiofrequency abaltion. Place in 2018 in biliopancreatic diseases. M. Giovannini, France

Lecture 2 Options and limits of endoscopic therapy of chronic pancreatitis? G. Costamagna, Italy

Lecture 3 Diabetes treated by en endoscopist? J. Devière, Belgium

Lecture 4 Endoscopy (EUS) Gastrojejunostomy anastomosis : an alternative to duodenal stenting ? M. Barthet, France

Lecture 5 How will therapeutic EUS influence EUS influence the management of bilious-pancreatic malignancy? F. Maluf-Filho, Brazil

Lecture 6 Cholecysto-duodenostomy: How and in whom? S. Godat, Switzerland

Lecture 7 Endoscopic suturing : Techniques and clinical indications. J. Devière, Belgium

Lecture 9 EUS-Guided drainage of post operative collection : update in 2020 F. Caillol, France